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Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient Air Cleaning Systems

Ambient air cleaners, sometimes known as air scrubbers, are used in welding and machine shops to remove small particulate found in fumes from the workplace air. These ambient air cleaning filtration units can be set at various points in the facility in an array. Ambient air cleaners can capture metallic particulate, smoke, fumes, small dust particles, fine powder, coolant mist, soot, dry chemicals and other hazardous material.

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  • Welding
  • Chemical Processing
  • Automotive
  • Metalworking
  • Chemical Processing


Ambient Air Cleaners


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Ambient Air Cleaners for Welding, Machining, and Industrial Applications

Ambient air scrubbing systems clean the air in an industrial setting, especially where there are large workpieces, or more support is required to remove contaminants from the air. A ducted push-pull system is a commonly used configuration. An airflow of clean, filtered air pushes the dirty, contaminated air towards an inlet opening, usually near the ceiling. The dirty air is pulled into the inlets and the filtration component to be purified for recirculation. This creates a continuous flow of air, and hazardous particulate is removed from the workplace air.

In ductless air cleaning systems, a single filtration unit or a network of units sites near the welding or machining station. Fumes are collected for filtration, and powerful fans recirculate clean air through the facility. This configuration offers more portability than a ducted system.

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