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Dust Collection for Schools

Students and instructors in vocational schools can be exposed to metallic fumes, wood particulate, metal dust, welding fumes, or exhaust fumes. Health risks are not the only consideration with dust collection design, as certain metallic dusts and wood dust are combustible dust. Dust collection systems should be developed with metal and wood dust collection, explosion protection, fire prevention, and NFPA guidelines in mind.


  • Fitting the classroom or facility size. Calculating the air-to-cloth ratio, required CFM, and size of facility is an essential part of dust collection design for vocational classrooms.
  • Allowing for future growth in current budgets. Some schools may plan on expansion in future years. Building a dust collection system that works in present conditions that allows for expanded use with project budget is a consideration.
  • Flexibility and coordination for receiving and installation of equipment outside facility hours (summer or winter vacation). Scheduling installation in an educational institution should preferably be done during off-days, when students and staff are out of the way.


  • Correct procedures for safe operation and maintenance of equipment. Training on operations for the dust collection system, and regular maintenance should be part of any bid.
  • Central collection systems and appropriate isolation equipment. Particulate, dust, and fumes should be collected, extracted, and removed from the classroom area.
  • Proper design for safest facility conditions. Each vocational classroom and facility is different. Considerations should be made for the type of materials where dust is being created. Does the facility require explosion prevention, fume extraction, general dust collection, nuisance dust collection?

Vocational School Applications

Here are some common applications for vocational schools, and materials being filtered.

Classroom Applications

  • Welding School
  • Woodworking
  • Truck Driving School
  • Metalworking

Common Contaminants

  • Welding fumes
  • Wood dust
  • Metallic dust
  • Grinding dust
  • Vehicle exhaust

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