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Dust Collection for Mining & Minerals

Capture and collection of dust in open pit mining operations is important for worker safety and equipment preservation. In underground mining, collection of dust, such as coal dust, keeps workers safe. Underground mines must also have systems for preventing explosions, sparking, and flash fires caused by combustible dust and unstable combinations of mineral dust.

Dust collection equipment can be implemented for worker safety and health protections as well as machine and equipment protection. The high volume of dust in a mine can be damaging to equipment and parts, dust collectors can installed to provide positive pressure to machine/equipment to keep the cab clean and the equipment cool while operating.

The application specialists at Airpro can help you find the right dust collection and explosion suppression equipment.

Dust Collection Concerns in Mining

Respirable silica dust in most mining is a primary concern, as this can lead to a respiratory disease called silicosis. In coal mining, the coal dust can mix with sulfur dust and create explosions under the right conditions. This can occur at key points where dust is created such as at crushers, conveyor belts, transfer points, and silos. Coal dust can also be inhaled and cause pneumoconiosis (aka black lung).

In addition to requiring dust collection at all critical points in the mining process, good housekeeping should be implemented to reduce airborne dust.


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