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Vehicle Exhaust

Facilities where exhaust fumes are produced must remove hazardous fumes from the workplace.

Diesel and gasoline engines produce toxic fumes and particulate during the combustion process. These fumes must be removed from the workplace to protect the health of workers. Fire stations, emergency response, automotive garages, truck fleets, and military bases are some examples of where vehicle exhaust removal systems are absolutely necessary.

Vehicle Exhaust Removal

Vehicle engines running indoors require vehicle exhaust extraction systems. Removing the hazardous exhaust fumes from indoor facilities keeps workers safe and the facility clean and healthy.

Cold start diesel engines can produce toxic fumes in an enclosed facility in a matter of minutes. This condition is present in every fire station and automotive repair facility. Repeated exposure to carcinogenic substances in diesel fumes can cause respiratory and other diseases over time. Exhaust extraction systems reduce the risk posed to employees and guests in the workspace.

Vehicle Engine Exhaust Removal - Shops/Plants/Fleets

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Applications That Require Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

Regulations found in the International Mechanical Code 502.14 states, “areas in which stationary motor vehicles are operated shall be provided with a source capture system that connects directly to the motor vehicle exhaust systems.”

Some facilities that may require vehicle exhaust capture and extraction systems include:

  • Fire stations
  • Automotive repair
  • Fleet maintenance and garages
  • Heavy equipment and construction
  • Farm equipment
  • Motorcycle and ATV repair
  • Bus depots, public transportation or school buses
  • Educational facilities, truck driving schools, mechanic school

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