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Agriculture and Grain

Dust Collection for Agriculture and Grain

Agricultural and farming processing creates dust which is both combustible and respirable. Combustible dust can be found in processing for grain, nuts, feed, fertilizer, and other agricultural products. This dust must be collected to prevent explosions which can cause loss of life and equipment damage. Dust collection systems mitigate combustible agricultural dust at every step of the processing operation.


  • Combustible dust applications. Dust from grain, feed, and nuts can be as small as 10 microns, and when it accumulates in an enclosed space, like a grain silo, it can be ignited by flame or sparks from many different sources. Explosions from grain dust can be extremely violent, causing damage to workers and the facility. Compliance with dust regulations from the EPA, NFPA, and OSHA help prevent combustible dust explosions.
  • Material loading and diversity. Grain dust is generated at grain elevator legs, loading points, during conveyance, and when grain is emptied into storage silos. Bin vents collect dust at the points where it is generated. Dust collection should be in place at loading points, grain storage, material transfer points, grain receiving, and grain processing points.
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  • Proper dust collector sizing to accommodate loading. Understanding the type of dust generated, and designing dust collection system to fit the variables involved. Dust collection systems should be sized properly for volume, CFM, vacuum pressure, static resistance, FPM, and air-to-cloth ratio.
  • Robust filters and collector design to handle abrasive and/or sticky dust. The design of the dust collection should fit the material being harvested, processed, and stored. Dust can be ducted to dryers to make it less sticky. Depending on the crops being processed, dust can be sticky or dry, abrasive or fine. Understanding the type of dust being created, and having robust collection systems in place will prevent workplace issues.
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Dust Collection in Grain and Seed Processing

Some dust collection equipment that may be utilized in grain, nut, seed, agriculture, and feed processing include:

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