Cement Plant


Dust collection for cement plants.

Cement production and concrete batching plants produce a high volume of dust and emissions. Inhalation of cement dust is dangerous for workers, so containment and collection of dust is important. Proper dust collection equipment at each stage of cement production is a necessity. Airpro’s application specialists can help you find the correct solutions for your cement or concrete facility.

Cement Plant Dust Collection Equipment

Capturing mineral dust from cement production and processing is a part of worker safety at a cement plant. Some of the dust collection equipment commonly used for dust collection includes:

  • Silo bin vents and dust collectors
  • Pulse jet baghouse dust collection systems
  • In-truss central dust collectors
  • Cartridge pulse jet collectors
  • Emissions monitoring systems for boilers and kilns.

Sources of dust in cement production

  • Raw material delivery via trucks and tankers.
  • Storage of materials in stockpiles.
  • Transfer of cement raw materials via pneumatic delivery, front end loaders, conveyor belts, hoppers, agitators.
  • Leakage from silos, duct work, inspection covers.

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