With over 25 years of innovation and 140+ models of industrial vacuums, Delfin Industrial Corporation has the right vacuum solution to any commercial or industrial application.

Delfin SRL was founded in Turin, Italy back in 1991 by Antonino Siclari. In 2017, its US headquarters, Delfin Industrial Corporation, was launched. Delfin provides the best, most efficient services for all your dust mitigation needs. We have never stopped working to offer innovative and efficient solutions to our customers. Delfin provides state of the art industrial vacuum solutions, pneumatic conveyors, and dust collectors to industrial manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to its innovative and entrepreneurial choices, the company represents the only industrial partnership capable of providing a truly 360 degree know-how in the field of industrial vacuums. With a range composed of hundreds of models, Delfin is always able to customize the right solution for every application. Our mission is to create value by guaranteeing the most satisfying customer journey and our focus is your safety, one dust particle at a time.

Delfin Vacuums

Portable Vacuum Systems

Delfin provides a wide range of single-phase and three-phase portable industrial vacuum cleaners for the collection of dust, solids or liquids in any type of industry. The best industrial vacuum solution depends on the structure, form and amount of material being collected.

Certified Safety

Delfin provides a wide range of NRTL certified explosion-proof vacuum systems. They are ETL and UL listed with Intertek, and they’re manufactured to avoid any risk of ignition in a potentially explosive environment. For all facilities handling combustible dust, OSHA’s National Emphasis Program recommends a specific and safe cleaning process. Download the Certified Explosion-Proof Catalog.

General Cleaning machine

Central Vacuum Systems

A centralized vacuum system allows the simultaneous vacuuming of material from different points of a plant and discharging in a single point, so as to simplify both collection and disposal of the material. Thanks to their flexibility, centralized vacuum systems can be used either to enhance the efficiency of cleaning cycles or be integrated into production processes where continuous vacuuming is required.

Delfin High Vacuum Systems

Delfin DHV high vacuum systems are the most effective solution to safely and easily handle large quantities of dusts and solids in heavy industry production plants. These systems allow to reduce waste and downtimes while increasing product quality and production efficiency.

Ultra-high vacuum

Dust Collectors

When dealing with airborne dust and light particles in a working area, the most suitable solution to ensure clean air is a dust collector. This range features the highest airflow rate among all others. According to the application, it is possible to opt for a fixed or a mobile solution.

Many options are available on request:

  • Higher filtration level with the HEPA filter
  • Extraction arm for direct collection
  • Attached to hoods for processing lines
  • ATEX certification
  • Manual or automated cleaning system
Industrial Vacuum

Pneumatic Conveyors

When it comes to moving dust (even toxic), grain and solid materials from one point to another with no risk of cross-contamination, Delfin pneumatic conveyors are the best solution. In fact, these systems are entirely closed, thus preventing product dispersion during transport.

To convey material, pneumatic conveyors can: handle, separate, load/discharge, distribute, blend and dose. Moreover, they can improve industries’ productivity and efficiency up to 30% in many sectors like food, pharma, chemical or 3D printing.
Choose the most suitable solution for your need; conveyors for dense phase or electrical pneumatic conveyors for diluted phase.

Pneumatic Conveyors

Wide Range of Accessories Available

Floor, equipment or overhead cleaning; regardless of the application, all Delfin accessories are made of specific and top quality polymeric materials, such as nitrile rub- ber, NBR and silicone, suitable for food contact applications.


Color-coding is the solution to prevent cross-contamination, a daily threat in Food and Pharma industries. Color-coding helps with fast and safe identification of accessories assigned to specific work areas and cleaning activities inside production facilities.

Color Coded Accessories

Endless Solutions to Endless Applications

Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners fear no application; whether you have to deal with dust, solid or liquid materials, these are the best ally in your vacuuming operations:

  • 3D Printing
  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Forestry, Paper & Textiles
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Pharma, Nutraceutical & Biotech
  • Technology & Engineering
Industrial Vacuums Applications

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