Clamp 14 in Quick Fitting, 304 Stainless Steel, Nitrile

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These Quick Fitting Clamps provide quick and easy connections for Quick-Fitting ductwork. Quick-Fit Ducting is ideal for dust collection and process ventilation systems, saving time and money on installation, future relocations, and cleanouts.

The Stainless Steel Clamps open and close quickly and provide a tight seal. One connection clamp is required to join 2 components.

Clamps come standard with Nitrile seals and bridge pin for locking clamp into closed position. Galvanized supplied with galvanized bridge pin. Stainless Steel supplied with SS bridge pin.

Silicone and ePTFE are optional seal materials for applications where temperature is not suitable for nitrile.

3″ to 6″ Clamps: Small bridge pin with 3/8″ wide Nitrile seal from factory.

7″ to 11″ Clamps: Large bridge pin with 1/2″ wide Nitrile seal from factory.

12″ to 24″ Clamps: Large bridge pin with 5/8″ wide Nitrile seal from factory.

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8010005633Clamp QF 304SS 14in Nitrile1.48

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Weight1.48 lbs