Woodworking Unenclosed Dust Collector

Woodworking - Unenclosed Dust Collector

Application: Woodworking machine tool addition to central dust collection system.

Dust Type: Wood Dust Mix.

Location: Colorado.

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection: (1) – Donaldson/Torit Model IRD Unenclosed dust collector, manual clean filters, disposable plastic bag dust containers, 25 Hp blower pack.

Nordfab Clamping Ductwork.

Airflow/Static Pressure: 4,800 CFM @ 8” s.p.

Application Solution: IRD unenclosed Dust collector selected because CNC machine tool was not a continuous operation and its use did not require central dust collector system modifications.

Clamping duct system simplified installation a provided flexibility if tool location is required.

Expansion of existing central dust collection system was not needed.