Woodworking – Display Manufacturing

Woodworking - Display Manufacturing

Application: Woodworking.

Dust Type: Wood dust mix from various machine tools.

Location: Colorado.

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection: (1) – Donaldson / Torit Model 81MBT8 Continuous duty, pulse jet baghouse dust collector fitted with explosion venting and dumpster package

Meyer HDX Rotary Valve

(1) – AirPro Fan Co. Model IEAH 261 Industrial Blower, 40 Hp

Inlet Isolation Valve, size 16

Hansentek Spark Detection/Suppression System including Automatic Abort Gate

Nordfab clamping duct system.

Airflow/ Static Pressure: 8,000 CFM @ 20” s.p.

Application Solution: Central dust collection plan contained dust from saws, CNC equipment, and recycled plant air.

Complete system including dust collection and NFPA compliant inlet isolation valve with spark detection and suppression covered all phases of requirements. AirFlow Controller within VFD provided energy savings from reduced hp need and clamping duct system provides flexibility for tool movement and easy clean out of ductwork.