Machining Mist Collection

Machining Mist

Application: Custom job shop manufacturer operates various CNC machine tools which generate soluble coolant mist. Project involved direct source capture to eight machine tools. Use of the system resulted in operator protection and re-circulation of tempered shop air.

Filtration Equipment: Two AirFlow Systems Mist Pac Series Model MP30; Two Mist Pac MP4 Self-Contained Mist Collector Air Filter, including 5 hp and 1 hp motors respectively

Special Equipment: Torit Easy Duct Clamping Duct System and Custom Hood Tool Connections

Location: Colorado

Type of Dust/Smoke: Soluble coolant mist

CFM/Static Pressure: MP30s each = 3,000 cfm @ 4.5″ s.p.; MP4s each = 800 cfm @ 1.2″ s.p.

Machining Mist

Dust/Smoke Load: Moderate

Filter Velocity: N/A

Filter Type: Mist Pac Mist Filtration Filters