Industrial Baghouse Application

Industrial Bag House Application

Dust Type/Application: Ceramic Proppant manufacturing process generated large amounts of ceramic Proppant from conveying, silo filling, screening, mixing and kiln air discharge.

Location: Colorado

Equipment Selection: (3)-Donaldson/Torit Model 376RF-12AW RoundStyle Baghouses each with AirPro Fan Co IEAH Series blowers @ 60-125 HP each, Meyer Machined Rotary Valves and AirFlow Controller Electrical Panels with VFD’S.

(1)- Donaldson/Torit Model 484RFAW High Temp Baghouse with AirPro Fan Co IEAH 125 hp blower, Meyer Double Dump Valve and AirFlow Controller with VFD.

Airflow/s.p.: (3)-Size 376 Collectors @ 25,000 CFM each @ 12”-15”s.p.

(1)-Size 484 Collector @ 35,000 CFM

Combination of spiral piping and Nordfab Clamping Duct Material.

Application Solution: (3)-376RF Collectors provided source capture dust collection to processes, 1-484 collector provided air filtration for the kiln operation.

Collectors handled heavy dust loads from 24/7 operation and met emission standards for discharge air.