Fire Station Ventilation System Upgrade Project

Fire Station Ventilation System Upgrade Project

Application: Fire station ventilation system upgrade project.

Smoke/Dust Type: Diesel/Gas Engine Smoke and Fumes.

Location: Colorado.

Ventilation Equipment Solution Selection: (6) – Plymovent Sliding Balancer Track Model SBT 21, 20 ft. length, each includes 500-degree high-temperature flex hose, heavy duty retractable balancer, sensors, electrical control panel, and pneumatic “Grabber” nozzle.

(1) – Plymovent Industrial Blower Model TEV-585-60 7.5hp

CFM/Static Pressure: 3,000 cfm @ 7” s.p.

Application Solution: Plymovent SBT units with grabber nozzle tailpipe connections isolate and captures virtually 100% of engine exhaust with a positive seal. The “Grabber” nozzle follows the vehicle as it exits the station and releases at the door. The system keeps harmful fumes from entering living quarters, contaminating the main firehouse and protects firefighter and visitor breathing zones while in the facility. This project also included systems for two additional stations.