Dried Food Products Processing

Dried Food Processing

Application: Dust generated from dried food products processed from weighing, mixing, transporting and packaging specific product batches. Dust migrated throughout the facility production areas, caused added housekeeping time and increased operator exposures at workstations. Dust was combustible.

Dust Type: Dried Spices, grains, other organics, combustible

Location: Colorado

Dust Collection Equipment Solution Selection: (1) – Donaldson/Torit Model DFE 2-12 Continuous duty Cartridge Filter Dust Collector with explosion relief panels, (1) AirPro Fan Model IEAH 365, 40 h.p. Direct Drive Blower, Arrangement 4V, Meyer HDX Rotary Valve.

Dried Food Processing

Donaldson/Torit Ultra Web Cartridge Filters for hygroscopic dust were used.

Donaldson/Torit 2 h x 3 w Auto Lok Safety After Filter for return air.

Donaldson/Torit AirFlow Controller electrical panel with VFD.

Clamping duct system and custom hoods.

IEP Pro Flap Inlet Isolation Valve with dust level sensor and control panel.

Hansentek Spark Detection/Suppression/Re-Detect with Abort Gate.

Application Solution: The source capture clamping duct system connected 12 positions to the dust collector which contained dust at its point of production.

Energy savings resulted by filtering and returning air to the facility, the dust collector was isolated for a combustible dust application via use of the inlet and outlet isolation equipment. Housekeeping time and costs were reduced along with operator breathing zone dust levels.

NFPA requirements were met.

Dried Food Processing

Dried Food Processing

Dried Food Processing